Ingebretsen’s teacher profile: Kate Running

When you visit Ingebretsen’s and see the SKHR knitting patterns in our needlework store or read the posters for upcoming classes, you see Kate Running’s signature design style: crisp, bright, high contrast, and with a contemporary Nordic touch. Her knitting classes at Ingebretsen’s are popular because her teaching style parallels her visual art  – Kate … More Ingebretsen’s teacher profile: Kate Running

Steller Quality

  Julie Steller’s beautiful up-cycled mittens, bags, and denim jackets will be at Ingebretsen’s, along with the textile artist herself, this Saturday, October 27 from 1 to 4. The very best way to appreciate the beauty and warmth of Julie’s work is to try on a mitten, examine a wool bag, and look at each … More Steller Quality

Neanderthal string and snorgaffel cord

Humans would be in pretty sorry shape if we hadn’t learned to make string.  Certainly, we would have been very cold without the textiles that evolved from the first spun fibers. Farming would have remained quite primitive if we couldn’t attach stone tools, such as ax heads, to handles. In fact, some archaeologists and anthropologist … More Neanderthal string and snorgaffel cord

The Selbu Rose and Uncle Arne’s Very Warm Mittens

Visual language is powerful and few images proclaim “Norwegian heritage!” more clearly than a Selbu Rose design on a mitten or sweater. That’s a Selbu Rose, not a star. “It’s an 8-petaled flower,” says Laurann Gilbertson, Chief Curator at the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa. “The Selbu version is now the best known, but the … More The Selbu Rose and Uncle Arne’s Very Warm Mittens

Rauma Yarns – What happens when you have happy sheep and a green factory.

The Rauma River is considered one of Norway’s most beautiful waterways. Located in western Norway, the river has spectacular views, salmon fishing, waterfalls, and rapids. The fast-moving water supplies hydroelectric power to small communities and factories along its path, including the yarn mill beloved by knitters, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk.               … More Rauma Yarns – What happens when you have happy sheep and a green factory.